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The main Board Area Features

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A conference room’s most important features are the tools that enable the meeting’s participants to interact with each other with the presentation components. Depending on the company’s demands, these can contain an fun whiteboard that allows screen sharing and remote participant collaboration, a videoconferencing system just like the SMART Mother board 6065 Pro or Kaptivo, a brilliant presenter to help in audiovisual cooperation, and a projector with HD and 4K resolution.

You can also put extra functionality to the seminar table themselves by installing an intelligent white board with a integrated camera, such as the Assembly Owl, that enables users to lock in a selected area of a standard whiteboard to create a “camera lock” so remote control participants may follow along and interact. These kinds of features are specifically helpful for brainstorming sessions and other team-building exercises.

The most common meeting space layout is a boardroom style, featuring a large table with chairs put in place in a U-shape. This style accommodates up to two dozen persons at once which is ideal for group meetings with an agenda or that want a large amount of note-taking and discussion.

A theater-style understanding is also well-liked, with individuals sitting in cool rows facing the front of the room. This structure is good for an even more visual or perhaps instructive form of presentation and may work well for the purpose of training sessions and also other interactive workshops as you remove the tables. However , this kind of style is not ideal for an extremely collaborative interacting with or the one that relies on input from the viewers.

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