Talent management in Cloverbridge Technologies is – building, training and maintaining a workforce to achieve organizational goals.

For all managers in CBT, mentoring and managing talent or human capital in the workplace is a crucial strategic responsibility. Apart from ensuring that learners understand specific environment of platforms/products and services, related processes and procedures using which they are expected to work, the managers also enable the learners to gain knowledge of the key elements, techniques and practices that will aid them in managing personal quality, performance and more.

Key objectives:

  • Enable the learners to understanding the work environment
  • Enabling learners with the models, strategies, and practices
  • Enable and motivate the learners, to learn new techniques and practices to perform with the best of their ability
  • Developing knowledge on measuring the effectiveness of Talent Management initiatives


  • Talent management and enrichment in the workplace.
  • Be able to implement the models, strategies, programs, approaches, and systems towards improving Talent Management effectiveness