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Overheard at The Dinah: The 30 Most Renowned Quotes Spoken By Lesbian Revelers | GO Mag

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Really don’t even comprehend where to start, girls. The Dinah 2018 ended up being certainly one for the books. Since I nevertheless have no terms (i’m however coping with being surrounded by droves of sensuous lesbians, purrrr) I’m going to let the private estimates from YOU all speak on their own. For every single day’s Dinah, I managed to get my personal eavesdrop on and scribbled down most of the funniest, weirdest, and most renowned terms that have been spoken. From lez lips to goddess’ ears!

30. “All the legends tend to be real. Dinah is really the happiest place on planet.”

29. “i cannot loose time waiting for my sweetheart to go to the bathroom so I will look through the woman cellphone.”

27. “simply phone her daddy. She’ll buy you whatever t-shirt need.

26. “I managed to get Dana Fairbanks-ed during the airport. They took my vibrator.”

25. “i did not know this lots of breathtaking women might be in identical destination simultaneously.”

24. “Being gay is actually lit.”

23. “Babe you may have my phone right?”

(myself every five seconds to my girlfriend)

22. “Studying the go-go performer’s butt was actually like-looking into a crystal basketball. I watched my personal future.”

21. “Take an attempt everytime the DJ takes on Mi Gente.”

20. “excuse-me? You may have an unbelievable ass.”

19. “I won’t discuss my developing story before you purchase me personally

Burger King.”

18. “Why don’t we survive with the connection and the liver in tact.”

17. “This Can Be like the homosexual Disneyland.”

16. “Why haven’t we been going to Dinah each year since I have was created?”

15. “we had been humping so hard our very own veins had been swallowing of the necks.”

14. “i simply wish a gf therefore we takes Instagram photographs in coordinating bikinis.”

13. “Chapstick lesbians are here to aid the femme agricultrice célibataire 31 log on to the mermaid drift.”

12. “often Dinah gets so illuminated that you must bring your arm down.”


Certainly we got my prosthetic off to hop inside the pool.)

11.  “Let’s merely prevent combating and alter the topic. When ended up being the very first time you licked a pussy?”

10. “I feel detrimental to straight folks.”

9. “end up being a buddy as well as have a threesome with us?”

8. “not one person accidentally seems like Shane.”

7. “whenever I’m at the job, I feel like I’m acquiring liquid boarded.”

“you realize, that is thought about kinky in a few parts of Brooklyn.”

6. “i do believe I fall somewhat deeply in love with all women I see.”

5. “basically’m maybe not in the celesbian field, i’ll eliminate my self.”

4. “Drake is totally a lesbian.”

3. “I’ll just fart about dancing floor. It’ll be pretty.”

2. “it is much better than all of our wedding ceremony!”

(some severely adorable few that I desire i really could spend time with each and every day)

1. “Basically had been president I Would create every weekend Dinah Shore Sunday.”