Product Engineering

The key challenges of product and platform engineering organizations to win in a dynamic business environment are

Agility: Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business, environment, and understanding cost-value implications across the value chain

Innovation: Adopting innovations in engineering concepts, technologies and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers

Profitability: Maximizing customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings needed to gain repeat business, wallet share, and stability

We help our customers in identifying the most appropriate product development process and platform for the product based on the business requirements. Developing software product is complex, expensive and labour intensive process. There is a continuous need to balance the challenges of reducing the product development costs ensure highest quality and time-to market. Our Engineering and Delivery Processes meets your

Our product engineering services include

Product Development Social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have huge impact on how the business is conducted in the modern world. Each function has influence on another and the sum is greater than the individual. They create unlimited business opportunities to everyone involved and this will be a disruptive business technology going forward. Our focus on emerging technologies and extensive experience in creating future-proof and scalable products puts us ahead of the curve to serve you better with highly skilled engineers.
Product Build and Release Services This a complex activity which requires not only the product architecture knowledge but also the platform and system integration knowledge. We can provide highly skilled build and release engineers who can work with the development teams and enable smooth release of products.
Product Enhancement Services We can help you to optimize product improvements and strategically align them with your business needs. Architecture, design, performance tuning, and technical documentation are some of the activities performed as part of this service.
Product Testing Services Our Test Consulting Services include – Risk-based product test strategy formulation, Accelerated testing through automation, Business process testing, Pre-certification and compliance.We can help quality assurance with Performance Testing, Integration testing, Data migration testing, Interoperability testing, Cloud enablement testing, API testing, Acceptance testing, Web-Services testing, Security testing, Mobile testing, Localization and internationalization testing, and automation.
Product Sustenance Support We help you in offshoring the maintenance of your products. This not only reduces the cost of support, but also relieves you from mundane tasks, leaving you to focus on new features and market challenges.