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Leverage Open source for your enterprise applications

The Open Source movement has revolutionized the manner in which software is being developed and deployed. It can speed time-to-market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs. While the advantages are real, it is important to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to address the unique challenges including licensing, integration, support, and system interdependencies.

We help you gain insights on Open Source, its workings, impact on existing infrastructure, and the processes that best leverage its advantages. Having worked on various Open Source technologies – researching, implementing, and contributing to the community, we have in-depth knowledge on how best to apply Open Source technologies for optimal benefits.

We work with you through a structured process of identifying the best available open-source tools, framework and components that suits your business needs.

  • Understand your systems and processes, and find synergies of Open Source tools and technologies with your existing architectures
  • Help develop, integrate, and implement solutions around Open Source technologies, given any inherent challenges or possible risks
  • Evolve your existing architectures in line with a defined technology or product roadmap to best leverage the options provided by Open Source technologies